SS3D Fit Club Success Stories

Mercedes Manning

Hi Coley and Mia!

Thank you both again for the incredible kickstart you both provided me. After working with you both, I feel empowered and informed, with a newfound sense of pride and accomplishment. With your guidance and encouragement, I’ve tapped into a strength I didn’t know I had, and am excited to put into practice what we worked on together. I especially appreciate the holistic approach you both have to coaching - it’s not just about one's physical lifestyle. It’s also about your inner thought life, your ability to envision and believe in what you’re doing, and nurturing your mind AS MUCH AS your body! SO. AWESOME.!!!

Here’s the workout plan I started with today, based upon what we did together. I basically combined upper and lower body stuff, alternating between exercises of each. “X Reps in 45 seconds” basically is my way of saying do as many as possible in 45 seconds. I did this today and it whooped my ass, but boy did it feel great!!!

Looking forward to hearing more about the new studio and everything else SS3D will be doing! I hope to work with you both in the near future! xoxox"

Dawnn Lewis (Actor, Singer)

"In all honesty, I've never enjoyed "working out", I've danced professionally for most of my life (still take class from time to time), and participate in a variety of sports activities: track & field, karate, scuba & golf to name a few. That's how I stay in shape. These days however, I realize it takes a little more to keep the extra pounds off, and looking good as well as feeling good. Coley, has honestly helped me achieve just that. With his understanding of the body, he designed an exercise routine for my "complete" wellness and fitness needs. I have a better mental approach to staying in shape, because with him I see results, with him I stay encouraged, and believe me, it makes a huge difference; and that's without lifting weights, or being on an ultra restrictive diet. I eat healthier, sleep better, and get to keep wearing all the clothes I love!! That was a must for me! I've never trusted personal trainers before, but I do trust Coley Speaks. I've referred him to my friends, a number of whom have hired him with great success. Their needs were different from mine, so he designed a program specifically for them that produced results, and now they're referring him to their friends and colleagues! I'm happy about the way I look, I'm happy about the way I feel, and most importantly, I'm happy about the person I am because of it. And I think it shows!"

Dule Hill (Actor)

"Working out with Coley is definitely a lifestyle changer. If you want someone to motivate, challenge and inspire you to stay in the zone, then Coley Speaks is the trainer for you"

Grace Valerie (Singer)

“I chose to train with SS3D Fit Club because I heard great things from a friend of mine who trained with them before. I also saw the amazing results he had in the first few weeks. My experience with Coley was amazing! I never thought my body could go as far as it went during our workouts. I got great results with a couple of weeks. I felt emotionally stronger and physically lighter on my feet. Coley is an amazing person and he encouraged me to keep working hard at what I love to do and helped me understand that hard work pays off! For anyone considering training with SS3D Fit Club, I would say, ‘if you want great results ASAP, then go with SS3D Fit Club!’”

Krystolyn Lloyd (Actor)

"Coley was in tune with me from the very beginning in our fitness evaluation. I was so frustrated with the lack of results that I was getting from my workouts. I was working out six days a week and had completely changed my diet. Yet after almost two months of this rigorous new regime I had gained almost 5 lbs.

When I met with Coley he listened to everything I said and when I explained what I was eating Coley did some research and found out that with my family medical history and blood type,there were factors working against me in my workouts and diet. So he tweaked my diet, readjusted my workouts, and within the first two weeks I lost 6 lbs! By the sixth week I had dropped a couple more pounds and my friends were noticing a dramatic difference in body. I'm an actress currently working on a show so seeing my wardrobe rack change completely was so exciting. I didn't always feel like working out but Coley pushed me and I would feel so good when we were done. He encouraged me in all the right ways that were specific to me and I was never bored with our workouts. He helped me develop an understanding of how my body responds to certain foods and equipped me with what I needed to do it on my own."

Carole Oziel (Working Professional)

"Working with SS3D Fit Club has made me realize how staying healthy and going to the gym is not that hard when you have the right tool (Coley). It has personally changed my life. I have been trying to get fit for over 10 years, but did not know how to do it. The first thing I told Coley was, “I DO NOT believe you will be able to help me.” I have done diet and exercise programs for years on my own and nothing worked. In less than a month training I had achieved the figure I wanted! Training with Coley was an amazing experience! I never thought I had all this potential in me and yet he was able to get the best of me. I think of Coley every day of my life when I make food and activity choices which help me choose the best option throughout the day. If you are considering training with SS3D Fit Club, GO FOR IT! I always say, “if I could, I would workout with Coley the rest of my life!” I wish all my friends could experience the depth of this journey!!!! Thank you SS3D Fit Club!"

Ambrey Benson (Singer)

"I’ve always been into working out, but never focused too much on actual health and fitness. After training with Coley, I’ve learned the overall benefit of not just keeping a healthy looking physique, but of maintaining a healthy lifestyle as well. That includes a realistic diet plan, a simple, yet challenging workout routine and the proper rest to conserve the energy needed to operate successfully on a day-to-day basis. I was motivated to explore my limits and to see just how far I could go during our training sessions. Every single session I had with Coley, I was amazed to realize I could do way more than what I had thought! This made it fun for me and exciting and always ready to do more. There is a level of trust and comfort I have with Coley that I hadn’t been able to establish with any other trainer.

I am a singer, a full-time student and part-time employee, so money was definitely a concern at first, but the quality of training and expertise makes it all worth it. I invested in me and got the results I desired and more!"

Rivka Rivera (Actor)

"Training at [SS3D Fit Club] was a life changing experience. On the first meet with my trainer Coley, he promised not just a physical training session but a journey for the mind, body, and soul as well. This is exactly what I got. Stand Strong's philosophy is that the body is a slave to the mind. In my experience training with Coley I learned this to be true - and learned to train both my body and mind to align with my soul. Well being became the focus of my journey - the amazing changes in my body (tone, weight loss and strength) were the result.In my sessions I learned to work out while listening to my own body. I learned to push my self with positive affirmations - as opposed to the negative voices that simply a desire for weight loss can provide. Because of my trainers skill and expertise about the human body, I was able to have total faith in my sessions pushing myself farther physically then ever before. What I loved most about my work with Coley is that he coached me to approach my fitness routine with self love and care, and gave me a deep understanding of my workouts as well. This gave me confidence to maintain them on my own."

Paul & Michelle Cuneo (Actor)

"I met Coley at Big 5. I was there to take back my second defective jump rope. Coley spotted me, a total stranger, in the parking lot, and called out, "That's my favorite piece of equipment right there!" I was already prepared to take on the management at Big 5, so I was ready to take on Coley. I said, "Actually, it's already breaking apart, and I've had it for only a day!" With this big, warm smile he came up and said he'd go with me to help me find the best jump rope, and he did! And that's how I came to know Coley. One of the best chance meetings I've ever had. I was looking for a personal trainer, and I felt immediately from his character and joy of life that he was going to be the right trainer for me.

I was right. When you work with a trainer, you need someone who is going to take a deep interest in you, someone who is going to care enough about your goals to ask the deep questions about who you are and where you want to go with all this. That's Coley. I belong to a gym, and I see some of the trainers there working with clients. The other day, I saw a trainer who was watching the TV while his client was sweating it out on the equipment. Coley is the opposite. It's like he's not just telling you what to do but doing it with you. I feel him 100% focused on me, making sure my form is right, keeping me motivated and focused on my goal at all times and helping me to "dig deep."

His workouts are amazing. I told him I needed something that would get me results but that I would still enjoy doing. For me, that means not too long at the gym and changing it up to keep me interested and to keep me from getting frustrated. Coley measured and assessed my whole body and fitness level, and, over the course of two weeks developed--and trained me in--a program that's perfect for me in time and variety. I've been at this for three weeks now and already am noticing changes in my strength, stamina and shape, which my wife has also commented on enthusiastically. That's the real endorsement right there.

I can't recommend Coley highly enough. A great personal trainer and a great guy all around. My wife also got to work with Coley on one of my training days and put up a recommendation for Coley on The List. She wanted me to include it below.

****** I worked out with my Husband's trainer today and he was wonderful!
So great, so attentive--a great workout with a trainer who pushes me but listens.
We found our guy! Kind, spiritual and great at what he does.
He can come to you, or we worked out with him at a really great private gym in North Hollywood - really wonderful, highly recommended! Tell him Michelle & Paul sent ya..."

Danielle Payton

"I am elated that I finally found a fitness program that I actually like! As you know, I pole dance for fitness, and needed that little something extra to help gain more strength for certain the pole moves, and to get through some respiratory hurdles that sometimes hinder me dancing for longer periods of time. I've never been a fan of gyms for many reasons, so when I found out about the 21 day challenge, I had to try it! SS3D Fit Club isn't like your average gym. The instructors are more personable, and actually interested in your growth in fitness, and self growth as a whole. Coley states it perfectly, it's fitness for your mind, body and soul. In my opinion, the 21 Day Challenge is a great way to get people in the door at an affordable cost!

I keep spreading the word about SS3D to friends and even co-workers! If there is another 21 Day Challenge, I will let everyone know! I am following the fit club, Coley and you on Instagram, I'll have to find the club on Facebook and Twitter, so I can reach more people to get them involved and through the door!

Thank you for everything so far, and the work to come! I am very excited to be continuing my fitness journey with the team, so I can reach my goal for pole competition this year!"

Jeniffer Emerson

"The 21-Day Challenge made me realize that fitness was way more than just killing yourself at the gym. Coley and Mia worked with me on eating well, and for me that was eating enough to fuel my workouts. They created fun, challenging workouts that focused on form, control and strength. It was nice to have them slow down and teach me how to safely use weights, how to lose and even gain weight if I needed! I felt like I was someone in that gym. I felt empowered and ready to take on other areas of my life."

Maarha Hill

"The 21 day challenge with SS3D Fit Club was very rewarding. It sets a standard for you that addresses ALL the components necessary to create lasting results. The personalized report that outlines your body composition helps you understand specifically where you stand - yikes! eye opener. The SS3D team gives you personalized attention that incorporates your specific goals and their knowledge about how to best address them. They consistently reach out to you to keep you motivated and on track. I really appreciated the consistent motivation and the various approaches to fitness. The strength and resistance work was new, but perfect for me. And I loved how serious they were about ensuring proper form. It's important to get the most out of your workouts when your time is limited, and I always felt like that was maximized! They are SO supportive, encouraging and knowledgeable. I loved the experience. I remain inspired by it."

Maria Fagan

"I can not say enough good things about Coley and Mia at SS3D Fit Club. Having run 3 marathons and being a former dancer, I have some familiarity with fitness and exercise, but these 2 have really kicked my fitness regimen into high gear!

With increasing my strength and weight loss as my goals, they designed an exercise program specifically for me and held my hand through figuring out the details of the proper nutrition for me stay healthy and sensibly drop a few pounds.

Mia is particularly good at explaining good form, as well consistently demonstrating a positive and inspiration mind set. Her inspiring words will continue to ring in my ears and motivate me to go forward, even when I don't think I can..."

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